Jessica Brewer and her students created note cards inspired by Haitian art that are being sold with all proceeds going to Hope for Haiti. These cards are for sale for a suggested donation of $10.00 for a package of eight. To date they have made more that $2,000.00. 

They are currently on sale in the offices at each Falmouth school and are also being sold at Forget Me Nots and Maine Roasters Coffee in Falmouth. There will also be a sale of the cards at Shaw’s in Falmouth on Saturday, March 6, 11-3pm. 

Jessica’s students compared different organizations providing relief in Haiti. Using Charity Navigator as a tool, students researched information about several organizations. They looked at the percentage of donations that go to direct programs and services vs. administrative costs. They also looked at each organization’s mission. Based on mission and the percentage of funds that went directly to programming they determined the organization they wanted to support.  

Jessica has also reached out to the Falmouth High School Key Club who will be staffing the Shaw’s sale of the note cards and assisting in preparing the cards for sale on a regular basis.   The Falmouth High School Key Club will also be making and selling beaded bracelets to raise funds for relief efforts. 

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Note Cards Sold By Students at

         Falmouth High School