Forest Hills Consolidated School

Jackman, Maine

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      Eighth Graders at Forest Hills Consolidated School Raise $5,751 For Haiti

Andrew McKendry is the 8th grade advisor at Forest Hills Consolidated School in Jackman, Maine.  He shared that “The 8th grade (all 15 of them), through the organizational efforts of Alan Duplessis and Charles O'Brien have raised $5,751 to date for Haiti. They plan to give the money to the Maine Haitian Ministries ( ) to disperse the funds when they are done. The individuals that run Maine Haitian Ministries have ties to Jackman and Mr. Duplessis and Mr. O'Brien suggested them as a worthy organization to make use of the money.”

In an April 26 email, Mr. McKendry also shared that “The middle school here in Jackman has another effort beginning immediately after April vacation. We are having students work in pairs to create ‘Books of Hope’ for children in Haiti. These will be hand made ABC books that will cover different themes and topics and will be in French and English. We thought being tri-lingual, in creole, might be too much. I will be traveling to Haiti in June with Maine Haitian Ministries to lend assistance to Haitian teachers and to deliver the books.”

Eighth Graders at the Forest Hills Consolidated School in Jackman

Mr. McKendry shared these two photos of the schools that will receive

some of the funds raised by Forest Hills Consolidated School.