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South Portland High School French Club Sends School Supplies To Haiti

Cecile LaPlante, the French Club advisor at South Portland High School shared the following information in a May 6, 2010, email: 

“The French Club has been very active with our Haiti project for over ten years.  Every year, in June, we ask all students to donate their ‘used or unused school supplies’ to our sister school in Haiti.  We put out boxes in all our hallways and ask students to place anything that still in good condition in these boxes.  We go through these boxes to sort out what is good and what isn't.  We save all paper, pencils, notebooks, etc.  On the last day of school, we go through all the lockers and clean them out and box up what has been left behind.  Some years, we have left notes in French to our friends wishing them a good school year.  In all, we collect approximately 40 good sized boxes of goods.  Lately, we've put out notices on our local tv station and some community members have brought writing pads, pens, pencils, crayons, that they've collected to add to our boxes.  This year, we would like to expand it more.  We would like to go to our two middle schools to ask them for help.  It is time consuming and hard work but we just love to see all the wonderful supplies go to a worthy cause.  Through the Konbit Sante organization, we are able to ship these boxes along with their medical supplies.  Students feel so great after it's all done and they can truly see how we have helped in a very special way without donating any money, which we don't have.”

Anyone wishing to donate used or new school supplies

to the French Club’s collection drive at South Portland

High School for Haiti should contact French Club

Advisor Cecile LaPlante at: