Side Street Cafe and Mount

Desert Elementary School

Team Up For Haitian Fundraiser

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Jena and Jeff Young, co-owners of the Side Street Cafe in Bar Harbor,  and art teacher Carol Shutt and the students from Mt. Desert Elementary School worked together to raise funds for Yele Haiti.  In an email from Jena Young, that she sent to Maine Friends of Haiti on May 1, she explained:

“The students made original artwork, painted on sail cloth, that was inspired by the natural beauty of Haiti. We hung the banners in our cafe and held an art event to raise awareness and to sell the banners for $25/piece. We had live music provided by Mike Bennett and Nina Wish of College of the Atlantic and the event was a huge success. The kids were able to raise over $1,000 to go directly to Yele Haiti.

I brought a Haitian student from the College of the Atlantic with me the 1st time that I met with the kids. He talked to them about how it felt to get the phone call from his sister about the earthquake and the relief to find that his immediate family was safe (although he did lose a cousin in the quake.)

We challenged the kids to do something big with their artwork and they took it so seriously and created some beautiful banners. I was so grateful to everyone who made a purchase, but I was also sad to see them go!”

Mt. Desert Elementary School

Art For Haiti:  Kids Making A Difference Event

                       April 9, 2010

         Side Street Cafe - Bar Harbor