Haiti Projects in Maine Elementary Schools

The French School of Maine in Freeport is helping to rebuild Centre Alcibiade-Pommayrac, a French school for 740 students in Jacmel, outside Port-au-Prince.  The school was destroyed by the earthquake, although none of the students were injured. The schools in Freeport and Haiti are both members of the Mission  Laigue Francaise, a group of 107 French schools around the world, which are collectively helping to rebuild the Haitian school.  Checks may be made payable to: L’Ecole Francaise du Maine, attention Elodie Chancelier, assistant head of school, The French School of Maine, P.O. Box 737, South Freeport, Maine 04078.  For additional info call 207-865-3308.


Elodie LeNezet, a teacher at L'Ecole Francaise du Maine, will be sharing photos and stories of her volunteer trip to Haiti a few weeks ago.  The public is invited to attend on Tuesday, April 10, from 2 to 3 p.m. at South Freeport Church Community Hall.


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French School of Maine in Freeport

Learn about Life and Hope Haiti - South Berwick

and see what  Eliot and South Berwick Students have been doing to raise funds and supplies for Haiti:



Line Elementary School on the border of Limerick and Newfield, Maine, and Shapleigh Memorial School in Shapleigh, Maine

raised funds for Dr. Tom Gorin and Haitian Ministries.

Story to appear on this website soon!

Check out their website:  haitianministries.org

Line Elementary School and Shapleigh Memorial School

Maine Elementary Schools Partnering With Garen L. Cole Disaster Relief Fund

Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School, Fort Kent Elementary, Lubec

Consolidated, Veazie Community School, Vinalhaven School, and Whitefield

Elementary School have partnered  with the Garen L. Cole Disaster Relief Fund to raise

money for Haiti.  The Garen L. Cole Foundation will match the funds raised up to

$2, 500 per school.

Wells Elementary School Raised $2,100 for Dr. Tom Gorin and Haitian Ministries

At a January 26, 2010 assembly all the students at Wells Elementary School

gathered in their gymnasium to recognize their efforts and generosity with

supporting Haiti and the local animal shelter.  There was a slide presentation

and $2,100 was donated to the efforts of Dr. Tom Gorin and Haitian Ministries.

To see photos of the event, please click HERE.

Kindergartners at Carmel Elementary School Make Hearts for Haiti

The three kindergarten classes at Carmel Elementary School In Carmel,

Maine, made wooden “Hearts for Haiti” and earned over $200 for

the Red Cross.  View the story:

Eliot Elementary School in Eliot Raised $1,000 for Haiti

Eliot Elementary School in Eliot conducted a hat drive and raised $1,000

for Life and Hope Haiti.

Great Works School in South Berwick Raised $1,000 for Haiti

The Great Works School for fourth and fifth graders in South Berwick conducted a hat drive and raised $1,000 for Life and Hope Haiti.

Central School in South Berwick Raised $1,000 for Haiti

The Central School in South Berwick for pre-k through third grade conducted a hat drive and raised $1,000 for Life and Hope Haiti.






Thank you, Mrs. Adams, for being our banker:)


  On Wednesday, January 27th the WPS Community, in conjunction with PIE, will begin a penny drive to help children who live at the Hope Village orphanage in Haiti. These children are orphans who are being taken care of by people who want them to be safe, healthy and able to go to school. Because of the recent earthquake there are many MORE children going to live at Hope Village.

   In an effort to increase global awareness for our students, and give them the opportunity to help others, we will be collecting pennies for the next several weeks. These pennies will help the orphanage to buy food, clothes and medicine for the Haitian children who are currently living there.

  Each school community member who contributes a penny / pennies will write their name on a ìhelping hand.î These hands will be displayed joining together around the bulletin board featuring this project in our main hallway. We invite you stop by and see our progress as this project gets underway!


WAY TO GO, WPS!!! You are making a big difference, one penny at a time!!!

FEBRUARY 20 UPDATE:  Our updated total is $721.21, 3 buttons, and 1 euro:)


Wiscasset Primary School Helping Hands For Haiti Project

(Special thanks to Tracy Jackson

for sending this information to Maine Friends of Haiti)

Staff and Students at Margaret Chase Smith School in Sanford Raise Money For Dr. Gorin

The children at the Margaret Chase Smith in Sanford raised $289.54 in pennies.  This will be matched by the Sanford Kiwanis Club.  The staff also raised $220 with a couple of Jeans Days.  The money was sent to Dr. Tom Gorin

and the Haitian Ministries out of Connecticut.  Dr. Gorin was a former Sanford pediatrician.

Lunt Elementary School - Falmouth

Lunt students donated $1,482.00 to the Red Cross! A flier was sent to parents asking them to please provide their children with opportunities to do some chores around the house in order to earn money to help the people of Haiti.  

Plummer-Motz Elementary School - Falmouth

"Change for Haiti" students and staff collected change throughout the month. All students had a chance to view how much had been collected and submit an estimation slip.   The total collected was $1,757.46 which was donated to Hope for Haiti 

Students involved in the Kids Who Care program, a before school community service club, created uplifting artwork and hand-written messages of hope and support to send to victims of the earthquake in Haiti through the Roots and Shoots organization.

Skillin Elementary School - South Portland

Information Submitted by Ms. Lucretia Bagley, Principal of  Skillin Elementary School

On Tuesday, February 9th the students in at Skillin School in South Portland, Maine participated in a math-a-thon fundraiser to support UNICEF’s relief efforts in Haiti.   To kick off fundraising efforts, students attended an assembly about life in Haiti before and after the earthquake.  English Language teacher Sheanna White shared pictures and stories about her work at a Haitian hospital in Port-au-Prince during winter vacation.  Students were moved by the images, asked compelling questions, and agreed to work hard to raise money for the struggling families in Haiti.

The Skillin School community embraced the opportunity to reach out to Haiti.  The teachers and staff at Skillin were moved by the amount of compassion and generosity students demonstrated.  One student came to school with a bag full of change and proudly reported “I emptied my entire piggy bank to help Haiti”.  Another student worked hard to gather nine pledges from family and friends. 

During the school wide math-a-thon, students were determined to complete all sixty minutes of math to earn the donations for Haiti.  Connor Dobson, a first grader in Mrs. Pelletier's room was extremely concerned for his friends in Haiti. When he came down with the flu on the day of the math-a-thon, he completed his math work at home so he could still collect his donations.  Four students were recognized for collecting over one hundred dollars in pledges and received a thank you note with a picture of Haiti in 2009.  Seven classrooms collected over two hundred dollars in donations, and Mr. Judkins, Mrs. Corrigan's, and Mrs. Dobson's classes were recognized for collecting $271, $284.90, and $371 respectively.  

    With the help of every student, teacher, and parents in the community, Skillin School raised a total of $3449.20 to support UNICEF's work in Haiti.  Thank you students for your hard work and thank you all for your support and incredible generosity.


Kennebunkport Consolidated School's Civil Rights Team Raises Money For Red Cross

Kennebunkport Consolidated School's Civil Rights Team has raised $646.19 for Haitian earthquake relief via a Hearts and Hats for Haiti fundraiser held Feb. 4-15. The money will be donated to the American Red Cross for their work in Haiti.

Some of the students in the World Ambassadors Club at the Great Works School in South Berwick posed for a group photo that is shown above.