Haitian Benefit

Franco-American Heritage Center April 24, 2010

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The Franco-American Heritage Center is located in the former St. Mary’s Church

in Lewiston, Maine.  To learn more about the Franco-American Heritage Center:


Richard Martin, the Program Director at the Franco American Heritage Center, organized the highly successful Benefit Concert for Haiti.

        The mission of the Franco-American Heritage Center is to “celebrate and

preserve the Franco-American heritage while welcoming the cultures of our neighbors.”

Dr. Cynthia DeSoi, the Medical Director of Pwoje Espwa

(Father Marc Boisvert’s orphanage in Haiti)  spoke about the

dire conditions in Haiti and the need for assistance.

Rita Dube, the Executive Director of the Franco-American Heritage Center, thanked everyone in attendance at the Benefit Concert for Pwoje Espwa.

On April 24, 2010, the Franco-American Heritage

Center in Lewiston hosted a benefit for Pwoje Espwa in Haiti.  $3,391.63 was raised to assist

Father Marc Boisvert’s work in Haiti.  To learn

more about his efforts go to:  wwwfreethekids.org

Scott Davis

Frank Vigneau

Mike Willette

Devin Dukes

Deb Caron

Dennis St. Pierre

Andrew Moreau

From left: Romeo Poulin, Agathe Poulin, Connie Cote

Edmond Gay

Scott Davis, Steve Footer, and Rusty Quinn

Mitch Thomas

The Franco-American Heritage Center in Lewiston, Maine, has many French books of all kinds, French musical records, French dictionaries, etc. (around 30 boxes) that they would love to see go to a school in Haiti. Is anyone aware of how they might get assistance with shipping these items to Haiti? Anyone know of a container going to Haiti that might have room? Please contact Rita Dube at 207-783-1585 or email: