Hearts for Haiti - Feb.13

Pepperclub Cafe/Good Egg Cafe

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Article submitted by Mary Paine, of Pepperclub/Good Egg Cafe

Photos of the event will be submitted soon by Diane Hudson


    Our event went very well. The co founders of Konbit Sante, as well as other members are loyal, longtime customers of Pepperclub/Good Egg. We had a great day! It was small, but very sweet indeed. Wendy Taylor, Skeek and Anne Lemire were on hand most of the day to represent Konbit Sante. They brought  so many great photos of Haiti. The photos filled the restaurant. They also brought a large assortment of metal artwork from Haiti to sell. The metal work is made from discarded oil drums- it is such beautiful work! The doctors bring supplies down in suitcases and come back with the suitcases filled with this incredible art. All the proceeds from the sale of the Haitian art, in turn, buys more supplies. If any one is interested in selling or buying, they should contact Wendy Taylor through Konbit Sante or call me at The Pepperclub and I can let her know. 772-0531.

    I wanted the folks participating to be very personally connected. So we had friends, coworkers and family members helping and selling their crafts, and goods. Karen and Abby Lyon sold Karen's incredible Peanut and Pecan Brittle, "Mrs. Lyons Brittle"

    Amy Marchessault, my good friend, donated homemade heart-shaped cookies for us to sell.

    Amy Ray, another friend, sold note cards that she made with her daughters 3rd grade class. These were prints made from artwork that the kids created. They were very special. Amy Ray divided her donation between Konbit Sante and another small Haitian relief fund that benefits a group that her niece is a part of.

    Lori Dennis, of Lofty Designs, another friend of a friend sold beautiful sliver jewelry.

    Peg Gomane, a friend from Cornish and an Art Teacher from Bonny Eagle, along with Caroline Allaire sold hand-made beaded jewelry.

    Pepperclub/Good Egg sold an assortment of Organic Coffee from our friends at Coffee BY Design, Spelt Right Bagels from our friend Beth George and an assortment of our own Cinnamon Roll Kits, Granola, English Muffins and mini Chocolate Cheesecakes.

    Molly Angie, Chris Sutherland and their baby boy, Javier', also sold handmade clothing and accessories from Molly's design label Boom Chicka Boom. Javier' was certainly an entertaining baby boy. My sisters, Cathy, Francie, and I all got to hold Javier'. So did my Mother in Law, Grammy Barbara Paine.  My daughter, Rosie was sure missed.  She is in Costa Rica on Coop through North Eastern University, volunteering in a children's hospital in San Jose. From Cost Rica she will go to work in another Hospital in Lima, Peru! We are planning a visit to Costa Rica in April.

    My Dad, Herb Ledue, came to make a donation and, in cahoots with Wendy, gave me a great piece of the Haitian art that I had my eye on.I  will try to send you a photo of it- you won't believe how fantastic it is!

    Also, my 16 year old niece Kali Shorr, was on hand to play guitar and sing. Also a couple of Massabesic High School students,  my son Joe and his friend, Jim Sobanik,  were on hand and sang a smashing Johnny Cash song!

      All and all, what a great day to spend with friends and family for a worthy cause. I think we raised over $1000, which is more than I expected. That figure will grow because The Pepperclub is donating $1 from every glass sold of two great wines: 2 Copas, a red from Argentina and Penfolds Koonunga Chardonnay, from South Eastern Australia. We have sold almost four cases of these wines which has generated almost $200. We have 30 cases more on order - you do the math!