Help Load 40-Foot

Container To Life and Hope

School in Haiti-

April 9,10,11,  2010

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Dear Friends,

On April 9 a 40-foot container will arrive at Pease, where it will be loaded with supplies to go to the school run by Life and Hope in Milot, Haiti and to the Asile de St. Vincent de Paul in Leogane. (more at We already have donations of three huge tents, a stove, 1,000 pair of shoes, a small generator, bathroom appliances and many other supplies.

We are still looking for donations of these some appliances in good condition (did you know you can get rebates through the feds if you buy a new energy efficient appliance this month?):

- a freezer
- a refrigerator
- a second gas stove

We also are looking for people with either trucks or strong arms who can help us bring supplies to the container and/or help load.

In particular we need

1) Trucks to pick up boxes of shoes and/or medical supplies from downtown South Berwick Friday afternoon and take them to Pease
2) Whoever wants to come help load this truck in South Berwick Friday afternoon, April 9 (one hour?)
3) Some people to help unload at Pease Friday afternoon, April 9 (one hour)
4) Helpers to unload a truck and load the container at Pease 9 am Sunday morning, April 11. (one or two hours)
5) Helpers to load the container Saturday april 10 between 9 and noon.

Please let me know what you are able to do and when, and then we will be back in touch with details. Once I know when people are available Friday afternoon, I can set more specifics. We will either do a noon to 1 run or a post school run.

I've cast a wide net on this request, knowing that even if you haven't time, you may just have a freezer to get rid of in your basement.

Thanks so much. Feel free to spread the word.

Amy Miller

Life and Hope Haiti

PS - I should not miss this opportunity to let you now how great our benefit dance party was last weekend., In addition to being a great fundraising success - sold out - it was a superb party with dancing to Combo Sabroso right past midnight. Thanks to all who made it so much fun and so successful.