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His Hands Support Ministries is incorporated under the laws of the State of Maine as a 501c3, non-profit, charitable organization. His Hands for Haiti is an all-volunteer ministry program being run by His Hands Support Ministries. These are some of our core principals:

We strive to promote unity within the body of Christ - HHSM recognizes the need for unity in the body of believers who all share the common bond of faith in Jesus Christ and have experienced His saving grace. Our fellowship is made up of believers from many different denominations including Baptist, Evangelical Free, Assembly of God, etc. and we have joined together with our brothers and sisters in Haiti to try to make a difference in the lives of the people in that impoverished country. Our purpose is not to start an American work in Haiti, but to come alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters to support and encourage them in the work they are already doing.

We are a faith-based ministry – We do not and will not actively solicit support for the operational needs of the ministry, only for the children or other special projects. 100% of the sponsorship fee we collect will ALWAYS go to the children, not to the running of the ministry itself. When the ministry has a need for funding, we go to God with that need, and not to man, for we know that God is the one who provides for all of our needs.

School Sponsorship Program - Because of the extreme poverty in Haiti, and because there is no "free" education, most parents cannot afford to send their children to school.    His Hands for Haiti has helped to establish a sponsorship program through which you can sponsor a child in Haiti to help them attend school. $50.00 (US) TWICE per school YEAR(September through June), will pay for one of these beautiful children to attend school. $50.00 twice per school year will provide them with a uniform, an education as well as a hot meal at school (in the schools that prepare a noon meal).  To learn more about sponsoring a child, please visit His Hands For Haiti Sponsorship Page

A Kid For A Kid Program -Pastor Elima Etienne in Danda is running a program which provides a goat for a needy child and their family.  Ownership of a goat not only teaches a child valuable life skills but it can also provide food and income for a family. At maturity, the goat can reproduce once or twice a year. Selling the goat’s offspring can provide much-needed income for the family and the mother goat will provide a supply of healthy goat’s milk.

His House ("Kay Li")

In April 2006, His Hands for Haiti rented a home in Terrier Rouge to provide housing for children who are either orphans or have been abandoned. This new project, "His House" (or "Kay Li" in Creole) is being overseen by Pastor Apollon Noel. Madame Christian (Amaranthe St. Julien) is the housemother to the 12 children who are living in Kay Li.

Saturday Feeding Program

In the spring of 2007 Marie Noel felt led to begin a program to feed the young children in her neighborhood in Terrier Rouge on Saturdays. Marie knew that for many of these children, Saturday was a day when they might not get anything to eat.  During the week, the children will receive a meal at school and on Sundays they can receive a meal if they attend L'eglise Baptiste but on Saturday there are no opportunities for them to receive a meal anywhere.  However, this small program has grown over the past few years and now Marie is feeding over 100 children on Saturdays!

She still prepares the meal and serves it right in her back court and now she has enlisted the help of several other young women to help her with this monumental task. Most of these children come from very difficult situations and they would go hungry on Saturdays if it wasn't for this program.

RWS Love Expressed Fund - A memorial fund which has been named the "RWS Love Expressed Fund" has been established to help children with disabilities in Haiti. In a place like Haiti, it is extremely difficult for parents to be able to meet the physical and mental challenges of special needs children.  There just aren't as many resources there and, even where they do exist, they would be beyond the financial reach of most parents. This fund will be used to help meet the needs of children suffering from any type of physical or mental disability - blindness, deafness, mental retardation, and other types of disabilities.

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If you would like information about how you can sponsor a Haitian child, please contact us. If you would like to view some of the children that are available to be sponsored, please visit our Child In Need page.

If you would like to sign up for twice-yearly automatic sponsorship donations for your sponsored child through PayPal, please visit our PayPal donations page.

Some simple Sponsorship math -
$100.00 per year=
$8.34 per month
$1.93 cents per week
28 cents per day!

Robert William Staples
September 1, 1958 - December 27, 2005

Partnership With Maine Haitian Ministries - In February of 2005, a work team headed up by Pam Brochu of Maine Haitian Ministries began the process of establishing a medical clinic on the grounds of the school of L'eglise Baptiste, working in conjunction with Pastor Noël and the church. Pam plans to bring medical mission teams from the US at least once each year to see patients at this clinic. His Hands for Haiti will be working with Pam Brochu as she works on establishing this clinic.

Many years ago, this building, which is on the grounds of the school, had been used as a clinic. Pastor Noël had some renovations done to the building so it could be used for a clinic once again.  The clinic is now open every Saturday. Just inside the doorway, there is an open area which is used as a waiting area for patients.

L'eglise Baptiste has hired a Haitian nurse, Nounouch, who is available to see patients whenever the clinic is open. If a patient needs more care than Nounouch is able to give, they are referred to a doctor or a hospital in a near-by city.

Once a patient has been examined by the nurse, they are sent to the pharmacy of the clinic to receive whatever medicines and/or vitamins the nurse deems necessary, if they are available in the clinic's pharmacy.

Pam plans to have the clinic take an active role at the school in Terrier Rouge doing routine health assessments and providing basic medical care for the approximately 1,000 children who attend the school.

Haitian Ministries has 2 more clinics in Labriyere and Lasoudrey that are operated by Haitians and serve an average of 200 patients a week. The patients at these clinics are most often suffering from fever, respiratory and skin infections, diarrhea, malnutrition, malaria, typhoid and AIDS.

If you would like more information about the clinic in Terrier Rouge

or Haitian Ministries' other clinics in Labriyere and Lasoudrey, or if you are a doctor or nurse and you are interested in being part of a medical team to visit Haiti, you may contact Pam Brochu directly or visit Maine Haitian Ministries' web site at -
Maine Haitian Ministries

Philip Charles with one of their sponsored children, Mikendy.

Jamie Charles with one of their sponsored children, Rooderkens

Matt Lenfestey and his wife, Carlyn, with one of their sponsored children, Dimy.

Kathy Farmer with one of her sponsored children, Ketsy

Bea Otte with one of her sponsored children, Patricia

Dean Stanley with his youngest son.

Lorraine Mitchell with one of her sponsored children, Emmanuel.

His Hands For Haiti Board of Directors