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Acupuncturists in Haiti

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Sally and I at Mon Petite Village  in Leogane about 30 miles outside of Port-au-Prince.  It is the epicenter of where the quake hit.  We treated folks who live here...they only eat about every other day.

Also Mon Petite Village.  We were treating the adults while the children are in classes next door.  The man in the green shirt is Jean Pierre Xavier the head of over 900 people who live there.  He manages the resources there and treats folks with limited medical supplies for minor injuries.  I helped him clean and bandage a little one year old girl's hand which had 2nd degree burns on it from hot water spilling on her.

One satisfied customer! The treatment we gave everyone was the NADA protocol (5 needles in each ear).  It helps with relaxation and promotes better sleep plus decreases some aches and pains.

Sally with newfound friends Kitson  (on left) who wants to finish school and go on to becoming a doctor and Shneider (on right )who wants to learn to speak English.


Tap Tap  the most common way to travel.  You jump on drive to where you need to be then tap-tap on the roof to be let off. There were so many beautiful trucks elaborately painted.  One truck had Barak Obama on it with Yankee mud flaps.  I never saw any Red Sox hats, shirts or logos anywhere but saw plenty of Yankees logos.

Precarious living quarters seen like this all over town.  When the rainy season hits watch out!

This is the  General Hospital where we treated patients and relief workers two days during our stay.

The Palace which was three stories high, now collapsed into one and many officials died within its walls.

Another customer "in the zone" at the REMAR orphanage down the street from where we were staying.  The place was low on food so we delivered a large bag of rice, beans and spaghetti only to discover they were all out of propane so they could not cook any of it.  Erick Hereaux our driver/translator gave them $15.00 to buy propane as well.  Erick's sister lives next door to the orphanage and she helps them out as well.  We bought them a new basketball so they could play ball (they had the hoop but no ball).  I shot some baskets with them and made three foul shots in a row :)


A family on Sunday morning just from church.  We had treated them all once before.  They all had wonderful responses to treatment and were able to relax and sleep better.

This is a close up of Jean Xavier (the man in the green shirt I wrote of earlier) from Leogane.

Here I am surrounded by children on Mother's Day!  We had a lot of fun playing with them after treating them with acupuncture.  We sang songs and played games.  A great way to celebrate the day.

Sally treating one of the older men who had back and knee problems

Sally needling a girl at Mon Petite Village

This is me needling a woman from the neighborhood near the REMAR orphanage

This is me needling folks out in Leogane

This is one of the examples of how innovative and how ultimately awesome the folks in Haiti are with recycling.  If you look at what the boy is pulling you will see a car he made from a juice bottle with milk caps for tires and the back opens up as well - it's where the spare tires are kept.


Mon Petite Village  in Leogane

Photos and text that appear on this webpage were graciously submitted by Helen Aylward, R.N., L. Ac.

On the way to General Hospital to treat patients there we saw these pigs in the street cleaning-up.