Maine Friends of Haiti

$1000 Statewide Map Challenge

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Maine Friends of Haiti is calling on Mainers from every city and town to get involved in helping Haiti.  They have created a map which includes every one of the 487 towns and cities found in Maine.  At least one person in each Maine town is encouraged to share what they have done for Haiti.  Each act of assistance to Haiti earns a raffle ticket towards the $1,000 Maine-Haiti Statewide Raffle Challenge and each participating town becomes highlighted on the map.

A random drawing will be held.  Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the winner of the raffle will choose which non-profit, working to help Haiti, will be the recipient of the $1,000 prize.  It’s a unique raffle.  You can’t buy your raffle ticket.  You have to do something for Haiti to earn it.   It’s a raffle that recognizes the caring nature of Mainers.  It’s a raffle that challenges every town and city in Maine to get involved.  Is your town highlighted on the map?

To be entered into the drawing please let us know about what you or someone

in your Maine town or city had done or is planning on doing for Haiti.  You can call Brian and Mary Doyle at 207-793-2759 or email us at:

           Why did Maine Friends of Haiti create this raffle?

It is hoped that this raffle will continue to spread awareness of the incredible

needs that exist in Haiti.  It was created to challenge people from all places in Maine to consider sharing their news about their acts of assistance for two reasons:

                    1)  To encourage others to become involved in helping Haiti

                    2)  To encourage collaboration among various people and

                         groups so that people with common goals might be able to

                         coordinate efforts (such as sharing costs of sending supplies

                         to Haiti, sharing ideas and resources, and cooperatively

                         volunteering together for projects, etc.)