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Kathi Caton, Founder and President


  S.C.H.O.O.L. Inc.

  Schooling Christian Haitians Out of Love

S.C.H.O.O.L. grew out of a mission trip to Haiti when God answered the following question for Kathi Caton "What is God's purpose for me?"  He set the beautiful Haitian children in front of her touching her heart forever and thus "Schooling Christian Haitians Out of Love" was born on a mission trip in March, 2007.


Since that day Kathi has worked tirelessly to give hope and love to the Haitian children and with your help the children can be provided with food and an education.  Pastor Dorlean and Pastor Dagonzaque from LaBruyere and LaSoudre, have been praying that someone would come along and help the children of their communities.


There are over 150 children that need sponsors in order to attend school.  You can be a part of meeting the needs of these children through your love, prayers, and financial support. For as little as $20 per month, you can reach out and help a child receive an education.

Contributions are also being accepted to start a Feeding Program in these two schools - LaBruyere and LaSoudre.


S.C.H.O.O.L. is an all-volunteer organization - all of your contributions go directly to the education and feeding of children in Haiti. 





You may make a onetime contributions:

  1. 1)Sponsoring a child

  2. 2)The Feeding Program

3) The General Fund


 General Fund is used for:

 Purchasing French Bibles for the sixth grade graduates

Purchasing school books

 Purchasing supplies for the schools

Purchasing training aids

A Haitian Salary to help with programs

Transferred to the Feeding Program

Transferred to the Sponsorship Program


A small portion will go toward the expenses of running this program:

           Print cartridges



           Telephone, etc.


Also, a one-time contribution toward the sponsorship fund will help cover a child whose sponsor, for unforeseen reasons, can no longer continue sponsorship.  It will help keep a child sponsored while  a new sponsor is found. When a school group sponsors a child, it may cover the summer months.

                   Bottle contributions are accepted at


                       Goings Electric Supply

                       1060 Farmington Falls Road

                       Farmington Falls, ME 04940


              S.C.H.O.O.L. Inc.

              325 River Road

              Avon, Maine  04966

phone:  207-491-9117

email:  schoolchildren@gmail.com

      Additional information can be found

    on the Farmington Baptist Church website: