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Collecting Vitamins for Haiti

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At the present time the students of Seeds of Independence are collecting vitamins for earthquake victims in Haiti. A group of adult and youth volunteers will deliver the vitamins when they leave March 27 on the organization's 11th annual trip to La Romana, in the Dominican Republic. Vitamins are critically needed as many earthquake survivors are suffering from malnutrition and related diseases. Vitamins or donations to buy them can be sent to Seeds of Independence, P.O. Box 8, Freeport, ME, 04032.

Tom Wright, the President of Seeds of Independence shared the following:  “We are going to the Dominican

Republic with a group of 40 on the 27th of March. We will be taking medical supplies that we will be

sending by truck over to Haiti. If any of your readers would like to donate supplies for the trip have them

let us know at this e-mail.  It is as direct aid as can be provided.

We will be taking 4000 pounds of supplies in total. We will also be accepting tax deductible donations from which we will buy food in the Dominican and send to Haiti on the medical truck.”


Seeds of Independence is a non-profit corporation, founded to help at risk youths in Maine reach their full potential as independent, productive members of society.  Seeds of Independence (SOI) intends to combat juvenile deliquency and positively affect the school drop out rate in Maine by operating numerous programs aimed at mentoring at risk youths.  Our organization is a mentor and volunteer based organization whose aspiration is to build relationships with youth to help them make decisions that will have a positive effect on their lives and our communities.

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The Board of Trustees of Seeds of Independence recognizes the personal reward youths get from being selected to go on a work trip and sharing an adventure with a group of caring adults who are interested in the skills and potential these kids bring with them.