Statewide Haiti Rally to be held in Maine

Saturday, March 6th.

Donations Sought.

Haiti Rally

Saturday, March 6th

10am to 3 pm

Where? SAM's Club Augusta and Portland and The Bangor Lowe's

Organized by: "Wider Circle" Parent Organization of Mid-Coast Maine and several supporting community groups. Got a pair of crutches,some tools or Great Uncle Percy's extra prosthetic leg kicking around?

*We will be having a rally to gather State-wide donations to support Haiti's ill, injured and displaced citizens in the wake of January's Earthquakes that devastated their country.

*A long list of used and new items are sought for donation and shipment to Haiti beginning February 27th 10am to 3pm.

*Collection sites will be at each of the Maine SAM'S Club locations in Portland, Augusta and Bangor.

*Receipts will be available for tax purposes.

*People are encouraged to tell their friends and associates and check out a list provided before donating to provide the best donation choice possible.

Contact: Nancy

Call 737-4217

It is our hope that ALL Maine schools and businesses, community and sports organizations, churches and clubs and individual citizens will join us to collect items from the following list:

Sponsored by: "Wider Circle" A Parent Organization of Mid Coast Maine.


*Tents. (multi-person or pup) instructions helpful!

Canopies.(screened or unscreened)

Portable, Mini-garages (instructions)

Duct Tape, Ropes

Rolled Plastic/vinyl

*Mosquito nets

*New Tarps-all sizes.(The bigger the better)

*Canvas or nylon folding "camp or daycare" cots

Generators (in nearly new condition/work)

Out Door electrical extension cords

Manual Water Pumps with extra seals

*Rechargeable /solar charged light sources, garden lights

Gel Candles in lidded jars or capped glasses (wax melts)


*Slings (all sizes, triangular or cotton neck scarves)

*Splints (Thomas splint especially sought)

4x4, 3x3 or 2x2 sterile gauze sponges

*Betadine Solution,Hibicleans Solution

Non-sterile 4x4's

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Antifungal Cream/powders

Ace bandages 3,4,6-inch sizes

Digital thermometers,(ear,temple too)

Standard batteries all sizes.

Large super absorbent sanitary pads

Gloves (new household and medical)Size Lg

Single edge razors, EMS supplies

All sizes Zipper plastic bags, esp. gallons

Stretchers, Mountain rescue scoops .

Neck braces (hard or soft)

Bandage tape or sports tape

Portable Nebulizers, new tubing

*Oto-opthalmoscopesopthalmoscopes & Supplies

Blood glucose monitors:

with extra batteries and bottle of in-date monitor strips

Medical scales (adult and baby)

Cloth/paper measuring tapes

Suture supplies/kits

*Tetanus toxoid

Lice and Scabies treatments

Hand sanitizer, eye patches

4 oz plastic cups for urine samples

Stainless bowls (to soak wounds in.)

Metal bedpans, sanitized

Plastic rinse bottles (clear like old perm bottles)

Hydrogen, peroxide, Alcohol, Bleach

Stethoscopes-all kinds, Blood pressure cuffs

Stainless steel (medical) hacksaw with like blades.

*Rapid Tests: pregnancy,HIV, Chlamydia,Malaria Syphyllis,PSA

New white knee length sports stockings (used as lower leg bandage)

Never used sitz baths


*Old Prosthetics in any condition (to be stripped for hardware+remade)

*Crutches (all types, all sizes)

*Canes (all types including blind and quad canes)

Folding Wheelchairs (non-electric)

*Folding Walkers


Dry /powdered Laundry detergents

Laundry lines and clothes pins.

Floor mops/brooms (for clinics)

Multi-Pest control sprays (for clinics)

Dry floor detergent (like Spic & Span)

Disinfectants (dry or liquid)

Germacides (industrial or home)

"No Pest" Strips


Someone to donate or purchase:

*Digital X-ray machine (2 @ $8000/ea)

*Baby Isolettes

*Portable Cement Mixer (clean& runs well)


*Gatorade powder, Pedialyte Powder

*Protein Shakes with calories

*Ensure, Pediasure, Instant brkfst

Dry milk powder

*Liquid Polyvisol (baby vitamins)

*Children's chewable, non-gummy vitamins

Nutrition or power bars.

Bouillon Cubes/powder for broth

Gelatin powder (reg.or sugar free)

Dry Beans/Rice/peas ( by the case if possible)


Diapers: Plastic and cloth all sizes, pins

Hot water bottles

*Baby Formula (all kinds)

Boxed baby cereal (all kinds)

Receiving and infant blankets

Newborn and premie onesies /outfits

*Baby bottles with new nipples

Baby snugglies/slings/baby back packs

Diaper rash preparations, petroleum jelly

Liquid Tylenol/acetaminophen/advil/motrin/ibuprofen

Pink hospital basins that have been sanitized with chlorox and water.

Infant toys, handheld rattles/chewies,teethers,new pacifiers etc,

Portable cribs folded small/sanitized.

CLOTHING NEEDS (Summer Clothes, Modest)

Children's Modest Summer outfits in nice condition without stain. Rolled small and placed in any size zipper bag with indelible ink label Male/Female and size.

Girl's modest summer dresses any style. Hair pretties /elastics

Boy's outfits shorts/t-shirts (together by size in zipper bags and labeled)

Women's modest sun dresses any style

Extra men's/boys plain colorful t-shirts (all sizes)

Shorts matched with T-shirts for size, rolled and placed in zipper bag

Male/Female/Adult+ child, underwear NEW in all sizes

Clean: Light Sneakers, Sandals, Crocs, Summer shoes all sizes,near new,

Durable Sunglasses (no scratches) label size on bottom please and pairs tie or elastic together please)


*Blankets/Light Sleeping bags

*Small solar AM/FM radios

*Extra large stock pots for boiling water.

*Large Stock pots for preparing food (for families)

*Spoons: Metal or wooden, large or personal size

We need Stacks of these that won't crack:

*Metal or durable Cups

*Metal or durable plastic bowls

*Large plastic tubs (to bathe children in)

*Durable plastic pails for hauling water:


Wash cloths

Hand towels

Bath Towels

Soaps (trial size to regular)

New Toothbrushes/pastes


Body lotions/oils (all sizes)

Medicated and regular shampoos.

Non-glass hand or pocket mirrors


Shovels (no snow shovels )

Lyme for potty management

Pick axes, Pry bars

Spades, Hammers


Nails (boxes/bags) all sizes


Manual drills+Wood saws

Bottle Jacks

* Higher Priority items

This event is sponsored in part by "Wider Circle". We are an informal group of parents in the MidCoast who have ties to Haiti and have provided hosting services for children all over the world needing life-saving surgery and medical care.

Most of what's collected will be transported to Florida to Love-A-Child headquarters where it will be shipped without cost to their Fond Parisiene, Haiti distribution center. Love A Child Haiti provides a clinic and orphanage for Haitians and have distributed 10's of thousands of supplies either directly or through other agencies at request. Currently, the Dominican Republic has set up a command center and located several field hospitals, and tent cities surrounding the Love-A-Child compound area. Supplies can be better distributed to the needy now. Just Google: "Love A Child Haiti" and click on "Sherry's Journal" to see what they have been doing.

Prosthetics will be shipped to a "Physicians for Peace" group that disassembles the hardware into parts to make new prosthetics inexpensively.

We are hoping that every community or church group, every school and club, every sports organization and business might sponsor a case of items that need to be bought, or offer a collection point for their employees/ students/ members and a "drop off" at any SAM's in Maine February 27t h .

The Haitian people's survival will depend on their hard work and our efforts to assist them. Rainy season will be upon them before they barely have time to get over the shock of the earthquake. The tent cities will be over run with mud and insects and new diseases that arrive.

Haitians need to know that American's DO care for every single Haitian life. This is a gift from the People of The State of Maine which has a population 1/6th of Haiti's yet 3 times their size in square miles. (That's a lot of people in a small area.) It will certainly show good will and compassion that will boost Haiti's morale at a timewhen they need it most, and media coverage begins to dim. Maine knows a little something about looking out for one another. This is something WE can do as a State that has nothing to do with either government or politics, even in a tough financial climate. Just people helping people.

So, dig deep in your garages, attics, basements, sheds and closets and pockets. Add an item or two in your grocery basket if you can.

Speak up! Ask your school or organization to choose one thing on our list they might sponsor in bulk. Ask a business you know to participate, we'll mention them on collection day! Volunteer to drop items off at a Maine SAMS Club on collection day. Receipts will be available for tax purposes.

In the spirit of giving unto others as we would want if in our time of need, see what you can do.