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Life and Hope Haiti

August 23, 2021

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Life and Hope Haiti shared this information in an email on August 23, 2021:

Good morning,

Twenty-one Haitians and Haitian-Americans, almost all doctors and nurses, are on now in flight from New York to Haiti, where they will meet six more Haitians from the Dominican Republic. The team, lead by Life and Hope founder Lucia Anglade, will go to Les Cayes and outlying villages with 2000 pounds of medical supplies. They are able to do this, yes, because of free JetBlue flights to Port Au Prince and yes, because of the donated charter puddle-jumpers from Tradewinds Aviation in Haiti. But really, they are able to do this because of YOU.

Today, the group will land in Port Au Prince and immediately go to the earthquake zone. They will be staying in Saint-Louis-du-Sud, a coastal town that has been decimated. From there, they will set up clinics in a few outlying areas that do not get as much attention.

We will post pictures and updates on facebook and will send email updates periodically.

Our community of support donated a total of $26,000 and bought and delivered the medical supplies, tents and tarps. People helped pack boxes or pick up donations. Because of one man’s contribution we were able, at the 11th hour, to buy $1600 in tents to shelter volunteers and then Haitians who lost their homes. One couple drove their SUV filled with 11 boxes and 11 suitcases to New York amid hurricane warnings and awful traffic.

We believe much support comes to Life and Hope for two reasons - 1) we are founded and led by Haitians, and 2) we make sure, and make sure that you know, that every dollar goes to where it is intended. Fears of the government or administrators diverting cash is never an issue.

Whether or not you sent donations for the earthquake, we know your heart is with us. As the journalist Jonathan Katz has said in his book about Haiti’s 2010 earthquake response, it is “the time between emergencies when the heaviest lifting has to be done.”

So, while Life and Hope will continue its main mission to educate the children of Milot, we believe that if our efforts after this month’s emergency save one life, we can be grateful we were able to help.

    With love from all of us at Life and Hope and from all the medical professionals so many of you helped to get there.


Below are photos of the boxes in Maine and then then the team getting ready at JFK with 53 total bags and boxes.

LINK - New Yorker story on Saint-Louis-du-Sud, where team will be staying: After the Earthquake, a Mayor in Haiti Struggles to Console His Town

For updates on the efforts of Life and Hope Haiti go to their

website at:   lifeandhopehaiti.org