Volunteers Needed

To Help Load Items

for Shipping Container to Haiti

July 12th at 10 a.m.

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Dear friends,

We have two important updates for Konbit Sante volunteers, as we need your assistance if you live in or have contacts in the Portland area.

After a series of delays with shipping companies, we have just received confirmation that we will be able to load a shipping container this Friday, July 12th at 10 AM, at 182 Read St in Portland.  If you are free, please help us with packing and loading Friday morning.  If you need directions or have questions, you can reach me at (917) 217-6809

Another pressing issue for us at Konbit Sante is we were just informed that we are losing our donated warehouse space by September 1st.  J.B. Brown & Sons have generously donated warehouse space for many years, but they have found a tenant for our current space and we have to find a new warehouse location immediately.  If you have any ideas for donated or affordable space in the Portland area, please contact us immediately!

We hope to see you this Friday, so please let me know if you are able to join us.  We will be asking for your help throughout the summer, as it will be quite a project to relocate all of the medical supplies and equipment we have in stock to another location.  Thanks again!

Much appreciation,

Danny Muller

with Konbit Sante

(207) 347-6733