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  1. Antibiotics

  2. Alcohol, Betadine, hydrogen peroxide

  3. Baby food and infant formula

  4. Cast material 4" and 6"

  5. Catheters

  6. Cleaning gloves (heavy duty)

  7. Cleaning supplies (Clorox, soap, Fab)

  8. Diapers - cloth and disposable

  9. Gauze bandages and tape

  10. Gloves - sterile and non-sterile

  11. IV fluids

  12. Local anesthetic

  13. Pre-moistened wipes

  14. Rapid urine pregnancy tests

  15. Receiving blankets

  16. Specimen containers

  17. Suture material

  18. Syringes

  19. Vitamin B6, multivitamins

Equipment and Furnishings:

  1. Air conditioners

  2. Autoclave/sterilizers

  3. BP cuffs (adult and pediatric)

  4. Baby bottles with nipples

  5. Battery operated fetal Dopplers  

  6. Blue surgical towels

  7. Bookshelves

  8. Colposcopes

  9. Deep-cycle batteries used for back-up power (we are installing inverters that can charge banks of these batt
    eries to power equipment for the 20 hours a day when there is no public power)

  10. Defibrillators (automated)

  11. Desks

  12. Disposable vacuum aspirators for incomplete abortions

  13. ECG machines

  14. Exam tables

  15. File cabinets

  16. Floor fans

  17. Gooseneck lights

  18. Gowns

  19. Hospital beds (mechanical)

  20. Otoscopes

  21. Pack'n Play playpens

  22. Pediatric beds and cribs

  23. Portable HbA1c analyzer (DCA 2000)

  24. Rolling stainless tables and carts

  25. Rolling chairs and stools

  26. Skeleton

  27. Stacking sturdy plastic chairs

  28. Sterilizers for baby bottles

  29. Stethoscopes

  30. Surge protectors

  31. Surgical instruments

  32. Tables for teaching and meeting rooms

  33. Thermometers

  34. Ultrasound machines/sonography (portable machines such as “sonosite” would be great
    with vaginal and abdominal probes)

Wish List of Medical Supplies Requested By

Konbit Sante of Portland:

Our greatest needs now are for medical supplies - suture material, exam gloves, sterile gloves for use in surgery, surgical instruments, bandages, gauze.  We are not in a situation where we can make use of clothing or perishables.  As far as collecting them is concerned, it would be best if they could be collected in one place and then we can decide (depending on how much of what you have) whether they go to our office or to the warehouse.

Please contact info@konbitsante.org for details about delivering these

donations.  Konbit Sante collects, organizes, and delivers one or

two full forty-foot sea containers to Cap-Hatien each year.

Donations must be in good working order.  They are not

able to accept medications with expiration dates less than six months

from the date of the donation.

Wish List of Medical Supplies

Konbit Sante